Short SF by Greek Writers

One thing I have been wanting to do since I created a dedicated website for the #sfstoryoftheday project is to curate lists of speculative stories in response to conversations (whether that be conversations I personally have with other readers and writers or conversations that I see taking place in the online discourse about SF).

A recent topic of discourse on SF Twitter has, of course, centred around an anthology of Greek myth retellings that did not include any work by Greek writers. While I do not necessarily feel it is my place to comment directly on every issue that comes up in the discourse (or most issues, really), it very much is my inclination to support writers I like both as storytellers and as people—particularly when those writers speak of feeling marginalized, disenfranchised, deplatformed, erased. My platform may be small, but its purpose will always be to make a space where a lot of different voices may be heard and amplified. As such, the first of my curated story list posts features speculative stories by contemporary Greek writers.

The following 13 links are to pieces I posted as the #sfstoryoftheday over the past couple of weeks:

28 April “Bride of the Gulf” by Danai Christopoulou in khōréō.

29 April “The Shadowed Undertows” by Natalia Theodoridou in The Deadlands.

30 April “My Country Is a Ghost” by Eugenia Triantafyllou in Uncanny Magazine.

1 May “The Honey of the World and the Queen of Crows” by Dimitra Nikolaidou in Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

2 May “Death Comes For the Sworn Virgins by Avra Margariti in Strange Horizons.

3 May “Silk-Wrapped Love Story” by Phoenix Alexander in The Dark.

4 May “Aegean Fish Pie” by Zoi Athanassiadou in Deathcap and Hemlock.

5 May “Pinebark” by Antony Paschos in Penumbric Speculative Fiction Mag.

6 May “Ink” by Akis Linardos in The Maul Magazine.

7 May “The Phylactery” by Nick Mamatas in Apex Magazine.

8 May The Noise Inside by Victor Pseftakis in Metaphorosis.

9 May “A Storm Kissed by Blackbirds” by Eva Papasoulioti in Syntax & Salt.

10 May “Under the Mountain’s Shadow” by Madalena Daleziou in Tree and Stone Magazine.

I’ve stopped here just because I like lists of things to end at 13 (I pretty much always put 13 tracks on my playlists, too)—but I could have gone on for many more weeks. There are so, so many other wonderful stories by Greek writers to be found in the SF zine world. Here are just a few more favourites I have previously featured as the #sfstoryoftheday: Eugenia Triantafyllou’s “Bonesoup” (which I wrote about my love for in my first “Eating Endings” column on; Ioanna Papadopoulou’s “We Were Ghostless Against Her”; Nathan Makarios’s “Dr. Daidalo’s Kouklotheatron”; Akis Linardos’s “Daughter, Mother, Charcoal”; and Natalia Theodoridou’s “Ribbons”.


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