The SF Story of the Day project is writer Ariel Marken Jack’s open love letter to the wondrous world(s) of short-form speculative fiction.

The project began in February 2021 as #sfstoryoftheday on Twitter. Since then, I have posted a link to a free-to-read speculative story almost every single day.

The SF Story of the Day project’s primary goal is to promote great speculative stories, the writers who dream them up, and the magazines that publish them.

As the project has taken off, its goals have expanded to include compiling and sharing resources for SF writers.

If you are a writer who would like me to read your published work for a potential SF Story of the Day feature, please use the contact form. Be sure to include the name you publish under (I don’t need your legal name!), your story’s title and word count, and a link to the webzine or other online venue where your story may be read. If you have an author website and/or social media you would appreciate a link to if your story is featured on this site, please include those links as well. Please also use the contact form if you would like me to read your novella for a potential #sfnovellaofthemonth feature.

If you enjoy reading the daily story or use the other resources on this site, please consider supporting me on Ko-Fi; this project is a labour of love built on many hours of unpaid work, and it costs me money to host this website.