This page lists all stories featured as the #sfstoryoftheday in 2023 to date.


29 “Dandelions” by Martin Cahill in Lightspeed Magazine.

20 “Saturation” by Eliane Boey in Dark Matter Magazine.

19 “Pulmonary” by Avra Margarita in The Rumpus.

18 “Seven Ways to Find Yourself at the Transdimensional Multifandom Convention” by Rachael K. Jones in Flash Fiction Online.

14 “Eleanora of the Bones” by Kat Howard in Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

13 “I Hear The Starwhale Sing” by Kanishk Tantia in Heartlines Spec.

12 “Crumpled” by Steve Toase in The Deadlands.

11 “Saltier” by Kate Orman in Interzone Digital.

06 “Bête Noire” by Lynette S. Hoag in Nightmare Magazine.

05 “A Piece of the Continent” by Marissa Lingen in Uncanny Magazine.

01 “Homewrecker” by E. Catherine Tobler in Apex Magazine.


29 “Undark” by M. L. Krishnan in Black Warrior Review.

27 “Vessels and Warnings” by Gabrielle Emem Harry in Apparition Lit.

26 “It Thaws in Spring” by Brittany M. Perkins in Metaphorosis.

24 “My Bonsai Lover in Winter” by Rachael K. Jones in The Deadlands.

23 “The Meaning of the Key” by Sonia Sulaiman in If There’s Anyone Left.

22 “By a River in Fujian” by Ai Jiang in Kaleidotrope.

21 “The Last Science Fiction Writer: A Hallucination” by Fábio Fernandes in Interzone Digital.

20 “Never Lie to Me” by Priya Chand in The Dark.

19 “The Clockwise People” by Christopher Hawkins in Underland Arcana.

18 “The Quiet of Drowning” by Kel Coleman in Uncanny Magazine.

17 “The Blue Glow” by Lisa Hosokawa in khōréō.

15 “An Unraveling” by K. S. Walker in Apparition Literary Magazine.

14 “In Her Dreams, the River” by A. Y. Lu in Three-Lobed Burning Eye.

13 “I Attack the Queen!” by Sarah Ramdawar in Strange Horizons.

12 “The Sky, Imperceptibly Darker” by Michael Kellichner in Kaleidotrope.

10 “Sotto Voce” by Kay Chronister in Weird Horror Magazine.

09 “In the Shelter of Ghosts” by Risa Wolf in Diabolical Plots.

08 “The Night Journey” by Samah Fadil in FIYAH Literary Magazine.

07 “Blood, Bone, and Water” by Ash Huang in Orion’s Belt Magazine.

06 “Under Pressure” by R. L. Meza in The Dread Machine.

03 “Bound by Oak and Stone” by Reed Mingault in Tales & Feathers Magazine.

02 “The Mub” by Thomas Ha in Clarkesworld.

01 “On Fallow Fields Where Flames Once Bloomed” by N. A. Blair in Strange Horizons.


31 “A Geography of Innocence” by M. Rickert in Weird Horror Magazine.

30 “Clown Town” by Dan Stout in Nightmare Magazine.

28 “Hope on the Vine” by R. E. Dukalsky in Metaphorosis.

26 “Hunt” by A. D. Sui in Apparition Literary Magazine.

25 “Grey Hands, Green Sky” by Charlie Valenti in Strange Horizons.

24 “Tone Deaf” by Corey Farrenkopf in Bourbon Penn.

23 “Of Sweet Seas and Starlight” by Zahra Mukhi in Interzone Digital.

20 “Of the Swamp” by Cadence Mandybura in Tales & Feathers.

16 “Lips Like Sugar” by Cynthia Gómez in Luna Station Quarterly.

13 “Cretins” by Thomas Ha in Weird Horror.

12 “Harvest Moon” by Oluwatomiwa Ajeigbe in Escape Pod.

11 “We Do Not Eat Much Fish” by Grace P. Fong in Uncanny Magazine.

10 “I Am Lightning, Flashing Through the Frozen Sand” by Akis Linardos in Apparition Lit.

9 “Black Tea, Cream Tea, Chocolate Tea, Blood” by Elou Carroll in Kaleidotrope.


28 “Sitting Shiva” by Zachary Rosenberg in The Deadlands.

27 “A Guide to Matchmaking on Station 9” by Nika Murphy in Clarkesworld.

21 “Instructions for the Broken Hearted” by Jordan Kurella in Lightspeed Magazine.

20 “On the Day Mish Goes to Heaven” by Aimee Ogden in Kaleidotrope.

19 “Night in the Chrysalis” by Tiffany Morris in Gizmodo.

8 “Evergreen” by Megan Baffoe in Baffling Magazine.

7 “The House at the End of the Lane is Dreaming” by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor in Lightspeed Magazine.

4 “The House in Winter” by Jessica Sirkin in Apex Magazine.

2 “Little Fish, Big Fish” by Jennifer Hudak in Flash Fiction Online.

1 “House” by T J Cimfel in The Dark.


31 “The King in Yella” by Kaaron Warren in PseudoPod.

30 “Nubbins” by Seán Padraic Birnie in Interzone Digital.

29 “Window Boy” by Thomas Ha in Clarkesworld.

28 “Of Flesh, Of Bone” by Tania Chen in Strange Horizons.

27 “A Wielder Does Not Know Regret” by Katherine Karch in Metaphorosis.

26 “The Runners” by B. Pladek in Fantasy Magazine.

24 “Concerning the Upstairs Bathroom” by Kiera Lesley in Nightmare Magazine.

23 “The Demon Lord of Broken Concrete” by Alex Irvine in Bourbon Penn.

22 “City Grown From Seed” by Diana Dima in Strange Horizons.

21 “The Fishery” by Cécile Cristofari in Interzone Digital.

17 “But I Loved You” by Sachiko Ragosta in Apex Magazine.

16 “Redemption for the Unseen” by Ramez Yoakeim in Translunar Travelers Lounge.

13 “Nancy Shreds the Clouds” by Phoenix Alexander in Flash Fiction Online.

11 “Disparate Points in Space and Time” by Maxine Sophia Wolff in Kaleidotrope.

10 “On a Smoke-Blackened Wing” by Joanne Rixon in Diabolical Plots.

09 “Monster of the Month Club” by Marissa Lingen in Haven Speculative.

08 “Daddy Thing” by K. C. Mead-Brewer in Electric Literature.

07 “Always Be Returning” by Eugenia Triantafyllou in The Sunday Morning Transport.

04 “The Rituals of Bathing” by Libby Cudmore in The Dark.

03 “Building” by Marlee Jane Ward in Interzone Digital.

02 “Just The Two of You” by Laura Barker in Apparition Lit.

01 “The United Nations Goodwill Concert Series and the Greatest Performance of All Time” by James Van Pelt in Lightspeed Magazine.


28 “The Field Guide for Next Time” by Rae Mariz in khōréō.

27 “Mycophilia” by C. B. Blanchard in Seize the Press.

26 “The Fall of Esther Park” by Lynn D. Jung in Apparition Lit.

25 “The Dryad and the Carpenter” by Samara Auman in Diabolical Plots.

23 “The Dancer” by Catherine Yu in Fantasy Magazine.

18 “I Think About You, Only Louder” by Jordan Kurella in Heartlines Spec.

17 “The Big Heavy” by Steph Kwiatkowski in Uncanny Magazine.

16 “Anatomy of a Haunted House” by Avi Burton in Nightmare Magazine.

15 “For However Long” by Thomas Ha in khōréō.

14 “We Interrupt This Program” by Taryn Frazier in Apparition Literary Magazine.

13 “Inclement Weather” by Susan L. Lin in Reckoning Magazine.

12 “The Getaway” by Stephanie Feldman in Weird Horror Magazine.

11 “Delicate Webbing” by Beatrice Winifred Iker in Nightmare.

10 “Monsters of the Drunken Shore” by Nic Anstett in Lightspeed.

09 “The Monster Fucker Club” by A. V. Greene in Apex Magazine.

07 “Prometheus, at the End” by Lia Swope Mitchell in Orion’s Belt Magazine.

06 “You’ll Never Believe What this Norse Monster Did to Keep His Mother Out of His Man Cave” by Sarina Dorie in Underland Arcana.

05 “Sequoyah’s Tree” by ViNa Nguyễn in The Ex-Puritan.

04 “A Pilgrimage to Memories Tattooed” by Elena Pavlova in Samovar.

02 “The Orchard of Tomorrow” by Kelsea Yu in Clarkesworld.

01 “Disassembling Light” by Kel Coleman in Beneath Ceaseless Skies.


30 “They Say” by Matt Dovey in Nightmare Magazine.

29 “Ghost Herds” by Giselle Leeb in Interzone Digital.

28 “The November Lamassus” by Simo Srinivas in Strange Horizons.

22 “Something We Can Do OUrselves” by Jamie Lackey in Flashpoint Science Fiction.

21 “Driftwood” by E. M. Linden in Orion’s Belt.

20 “Schroedinger’s Kitten Falls in Love” by Bidisha Banerjee in Fantasy Magazine.

19 “All the Things I Could’ve Done That Wouldn’t Have Been So Devastating” by Phoebe Barton in Baffling Magazine.

18 “Every Bone a Bell” by Shaoni C. White in Lightspeed.

17 “The Moon Rabbi” by David Ebenbach in Clarkesworld.

16 “Interstate Mohinis” by M. L. Krishnan in Diabolical Plots.

15 “On Planetary Palliative Care” by Thomas Ha in Interzone Digital.

14 “Anamnesis” by Karl El-Koura in Metaphorosis.

13 “The Mausoleum’s Children” by Aliette de Bodard in Uncanny Magazine.

12 “To Call My Own” by Jessica Cho in Haven Speculative.

11 “The God of the Overpass” by Orrin Grey in The Dark.

10 “A Tiger in Eden” by Dafydd McKimm in Flash Fiction Online.

09 “Teltunget: Pattern of Speech” by Tiffany Morris in Tales & Feathers.

08 “The Tale of the Mother and the Hexed VCR” by Nika Murphy in Luna Station Quarterly.

07 “This Is What You Came For” by Phong Quan in khōréō.

06 “The Devouring Hole” by Eric Raglin in Pyre Magazine.

05 “The Fox Spirit’s Retelling” by Wen Wen Yang in Flash Fiction Online.

04 “The Final Whisper” by Jonathan Olfert in Hexagon.

03 “They Were Wonderful, Once” by Lily Watson in Diabolical Plots.

02 “Next Station, Shibuya” by Iori Kusano in Apex Magazine.

01 “Undog” by Eugenia Triantafyllou in Strange Horizons.


31 “Let Her In” by Valo Wing in Dose of Dread.

30 “Along the Inked Tree During the Seasons” by Tania Chen in The Dread Machine.

29 “Notes from a trans-inclusive gender apocalypse” by Ember Randall in Cast of Wonders.

28 May “To my daughter, in the dark of the moon” by P H Lee in Lightspeed Magazine.

27 May “The Ballad of the Octopus” by Simo Srinivas in khōréō.

26 May “Exquisite Corpses” by A. M. Guay in Three-Lobed Burning Eye.

25 May “The Tent Revival on Galvani H764” by Anj Baker in Dark Matter Magazine.

24 “Deal” by Eris Young in Escape Pod.

23 “The True Name of the Sharp-Toothed God” by KT Bryski in Cossmass Infinities.

22 “The Void Door” by V. M. Ayala in Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

21 “A Personal Apocalypse” by Léon Othenin-Girard in Apparition Literary Magazine.

20 “The Serpent’s Daughter” by Avra Margariti in Flashpoint Science Fiction.

19 “Unexplained” by H. V. Patterson in Flash Fiction Online.

18 “The Swallow Upon My Summers” by Sylvia Heike in Zooscape.

17 “The Golem’s Joy” by Zachary Rosenberg in Seize the Press.

16 “Re: Your Stone” by Guan Un in Diabolical Plots.

15 “Hunger” by Eliane Boey in Weird Horror Magazine.

14 “basscontroller.WAV” by Matt Thompson in Kaleidotrope.

13 “To Hold a Heart In Your Hand Like a Helium Balloon” by Samantha H. Chung in Fusion Fragment.

12 “She Blooms and the World is Changed” by Izzy Wasserstein in Lightspeed Magazine.

11 “’Sup, Handsome?” by Sharang Biswas in Baffling Magazine.

10 “Under the Mountain’s Shadow” by Madalena Daleziou in Tree and Stone Magazine.

09 “A Storm Kissed by Blackbirds” by Eva Papasoulioti in Syntax & Salt.

08 “The Noise Inside” by Victor Pseftakis in Metaphorosis.

07 “The Phylactery” by Nick Mamatas in Apex Magazine.

06 “Ink” by Akis Linardos in The Maul Magazine.

05 “Pinebark” by Antony Paschos in Penumbric Speculative Fiction Mag.

04 “Aegean Fish Pie” by Zoi Athanassiadou in Deathcap & Hemlock.

03 “Silk-Wrapped Love Story” by Phoenix Alexander in The Dark.

02 “Death Comes For the Sworn Virgins” by Avra Margariti in Strange Horizons.

01 “The Honey of the World and the Queen of Crows” by Dimitra Nikolaidou in Beneath Ceaseless Skies.


30 “My Country Is a Ghost” by Eugenia Triantafyllou in Uncanny Magazine.

29 “The Shadowed Undertows” by Natalia Theodoridou in The Deadlands.

28 “Bride of the Gulf” by Danai Christopoulou in khōréō.

27 “The Care Giver” by Frances Ogamba in If There’s Anyone Left.

26 “Voices Singing In the Void” by Rajan Khanna in Clarkesworld.

25 “The Time Traveler’s Cookbook” by Angela Liu in Cast of Wonders.

24 “Divination In Dark Places” by Salonee Verma in Tasavvur.

23 “No Second Dates” by Martyn Pedlar in Flashpoint Science Fiction.

22 “Suddenly, I Remember Camelot” by Dafydd McKimm in Orion’s Belt.

21 “Watershed” by Sophia Carlisle in Crow & Cross Keys.

20 “Notes From a Pyre” by Amal Singh in The Deadlands.

19 “Those Who Forget and Those Who Perish” by K. W. Colyard in Seize the Press.

18 “The Bright in the Gyre” by Nadine Aurora Tabing in Reckoning Magazine.

17 “Virtually Cherokee” by Brian K. Hudson in Lightspeed Magazine.

16 “Fair Copy” by Daniel I. Clark in Tree and Stone Magazine.

15 “In Time, a Weed May Break Stone” by Valerie Valdes in Uncanny Magazine.

14 “Loving Bone Girl” by Tehnuka in Apex Magazine.

13 “Salt Water” by Eugenia Triantafyllou on Tor.com.

12 “Lakeside” by A. P. Howell in Underland Arcana.

11 “Savior in Steel” by Zachary Rosenberg in Dark Matter Magazine.

10 “The Ramparts of Night” by Iori Kusano in Tales & Feathers.

09 “Fae Magic on a Friday Night” by Sheila Massie in Flash Fiction Online.

08 “We All Fall Down” by Ai Jiang in The Dark Magazine.

07 “One Eye Opened In That Other Place” by Christi Nogle in Three-Lobed Burning Eye.

06 “Memories” by Ioanna Papadopoulou in All Worlds Wayfarer.

05 “The Dark House” by A. C. Wise in Tor.com.

04 “One Syllable, Rhymes with Sin” by E. M. Linden in Weird Horror Magazine.

03 “How to Stay Married to Baba Yaga” by S. M. Hallow in Baffling Magazine.

02 “Cold Reading” by Séan Padraic Birnie in Interzone Digital.

01 “There’s Magic in Bread” by Effie Seiberg in Fantasy Magazine.


31 “Icariana” by Wen-Yi Lee in Baffling Magazine.

30 “Still Life With Vivisected Dream” by Tiffany Morris in Dark Matter Magazine.

29 “Our Exquisite Delights” by Megan Chee in Lightspeed Magazine.

28 “Kimi’s Fruit Stand for Dead Pirates and Privateers” by Jenna Glover in Haven Speculative.

27 “Upon What Soil They Fed” by Jennifer Mace in Flash Fiction Online.

26 “Blood in the Water” by Alexis Hansen in Dark Recesses.

25 “Salvage” by Sarah Fannon in Dark Matter Magazine.

24 “Yung Lich and the Dance of Death” by Alex Fox in PodCastle.

23 “Always and Forever, Only You” by Iona Datt Sharma in Strange Horizons.

22 “A Cold Chicago Winter” by Madeline Seibel Dean in Flashpoint Science Fiction.

21 “Yinying—Shadow” by Ai Jiang in Uncanny Magazine.

20 “You Row, and You Burn” by Elou Carroll in The Deadlands.

19 “Wonderful Wounds Await You” by Marisca Pichette in Flash Fiction Online.

18 “Carrying Stones” by Avi Burton in Cossmass Infinities.

17 “FXH-351” by Filip Hajdar Drnovšek Zorko in Heartlines Spec.

16 “The Will of the God of Music” by P. H. Low in Fantasy Magazine.

15 “The Apartment” by Camilla Grudova in Bourbon Penn.

14 “To Kneel at the Altar of Your Bones” by Valo Wing in Haven Speculative.

13 “Mother’s Teeth” by E. L. Chen in The Dark Magazine.

12 “And The Water Said Kneel” by V. Aster Solomon in PseudoPod.

11 “Coffin Texts” by Richard Strachan in Weird Horror Magazine.

10 “The Dizzy Room” by Kristina Ten in Nightmare Magazine.

09 “Soulbirds” by Sylvia Heike in Apparition Literary Magazine.

08 “Redline” by A. D. Sui in Heartlines Spec.

07 “The Father Provincial of Mare Imbrium” by E. Lily Yu in Uncanny Magazine.

06 “The Museum of Erased History” by Maria Hossain in Translunar Travelers Lounge.

05 “About Her Bones So Bleak and Bare” by Matthew F. Amati in Flash Fiction Online.

04 “Your Great Mother Across the Salt Sea” by Kelsey Hutton in Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

03 “Every Body Depicted is Exploited” by Elise LeSage in PseudoPod.

02 “The Desert’s Voice is Sweet to Hear” by Carolina Valentine in Diabolical Plots.

01 “Locavore” by Kim Harbridge in Strange Horizons.


28 “Daughter, Mother, Charcoal” by Akis Linardos in Apex Magazine.

27 “The Names of the Drowned Are These” by Angela Slatter in The Dark Magazine.

26 “A Girl Defines Herself” by Ruth Joffre in Nightmare Magazine.

25 “The House of Linear Change” by Oluwatomiwa Ajeigbe in Lightspeed Magazine.

24 “The Dead Return in Strange Shapes” by Lowry Poletti in Fantasy Magazine.

23 “Surf Shack Double Deluxe” by Martin Murray in Deathcap & Hemlock.

22 “Normal Girls’ Trip” by Kenzie Lappin in Dreadstone Press’s Dose of Dread.

21 “Gravity Has Left This House” by Amy Stone in Crow & Cross Keys.

20 “Tina Yu and the Karaoke Time Machine” by Allison King in khōréō.

19 “Cruise Control” by Benjamin C. Kinney in Flash Fiction Online.

18 “Chamberstar: The Accabon” by Sam Rebelein in The Deadlands.

17 “The Numismatist” by Cecelia Isaac in Metaphorosis.

16 “Still Life With Slain God and Lemon” by Anne Leonard in Translunar Travelers Lounge.

15 “Stars, Your Light Belongs to Us” by Jen Julian in Bourbon Penn.

14 “A Forcible Calm” by Jonathan Olfert in Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

13 “The Treachery of Objects” by Dylan Kingsley in Apparition Literary Magazine.

12 no story of the day, due to migraine

11 “Born Again” by Andrew Wilmot in Fusion Fragment.

10 “Thorns” by Vera Hadzic in Hexagon.

09 “On the Other Side” by Angela Caravan in The Sprawl Magazine.

08 “The Day the Curse Was Broken” by Tobias Bernstein in Tales & Feathers.

07 “The Wolf Boys of Wide River County” by Eileen Gunnell Lee in Little Blue Marble.

06 “Inheritance” by Qurat Dar in Anathema: Spec from the Margins.

05 “Soul in the Sea” by C. M. Fields in All Worlds Wayfarer.

04 “The Monologue of a Moon Goddess in the Palace of Pervasive Cold” by Anja Hendrikse Liu in Diabolical Plots.

03 “Mercy Rides Free” by Elizabeth Cobbe in Cossmass Infinities.

02 “The Portrait of a Survivor, Observed From the Water” by Yukimi Ogawa in Clarkesworld.

01 “The Memory Eater” by H. Pueyo in The Dark Magazine.


31 “A Girl of Nails and Teeth” by Hannah Yang in Nightmare Magazine.

30 “Between the Stones and the Stars” by A. L. Goldfuss in Lightspeed Magazine.

29 “Directions to the House of Unnumbered Stars” by Devin Miller in Flash Fiction Online.

28 “They Commune With the Dead Using Biscuits and Wine” by Elou Carroll in Baffling Magazine.

27 “The Hunt” by Heather Santo in Flashpoint Science Fiction.

26 “Monsters” by L. D. Colter in Fantasy Magazine.

25 “Wapnintu’tijig They Sang Until Dawn” by Tiffany Morris in PodCastle.

24 “Charlie Eats the Paper Gods” by H. L. Fullerton in Underland Arcana.

23 “Stains of Home” by Tehnuka in If There’s Anyone Left.

22 “Sidereal” by E. G. Condé in Solarpunk Magazine.

21 “How to Deaden an Undead Thing” by Marie Baca Villa in Deathcap & Hemlock

20 “Wisp in the Dark” by Lyndsey Croal in The Maul Magazine.

19 “The Big Glass Box and the Boys Inside” by Isabel J. Kim in Apex Magazine.

18 “The Fumblers Alley Risk Emporium” by Julian Mortimer Smith in PodCastle.

17 “Cross-Generational Cryptid Theory” by Hailey Piper in The Arcanist.

16 “Aubade and Talia” by Lindsay King-Miller in Fusion Fragment.

15 “Whiskey Mud” by Jonathan Olfert in Radon Journal.

14 “Last Night at the Sideshow” by Gordon B. White in Nightmare Magazine.

13 “Braid Me a Howling Tongue” by Maria Dong in Lightspeed Magazine.

12 “Indigo Night” by Alex Woodroe in Shortwave Magazine.

11 “Into the Dark” by Jennifer R. Donohue in Fantasy Magazine.

10 “Packing List for Oblivion” by Cameron Bertron in Metaphorosis.

09 “Sharp Undoing” by Natasha King in Clarkesworld.

08 “Sunchoke” by Kathryn McMahon in Three-Lobed Burning Eye.

07 “The Pruner” by M. Leigh in Apparition Literary Magazine.

06 “Sweat, Rice” by Shari Paul in The Dark Magazine.

05 “Flower, Daughter, Soil, Seed” by Eugenia Triantafyllou in Uncanny Magazine.

04 “Giant Country” by Frances Koziar in Haven Speculative.

03 “Swan Sisters” by Archita Mittra in Kaleidotrope.

02 “Parebul of the Mother, Asked in Moonlight” by Victor Forna in Fantasy Magazine.

01 “Xalash” by Jonathan Louis Duckworth in Beneath Ceaseless Skies.